Corporate Let us bring our network to you.

RecChanges Corporate is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Through our network of Trainers, Coaches, and Recreational Specialist, we create an active and engaging atmosphere. From Yoga to sports leagues, and everything in between. We survey your employees, residents, and congregation to curate a range of activities that will foster community and healthy habits. 


Whether your group is made up of 2 people or 2000, we have something for you. Our company background is immersed in teamwork, communication, and hard work. These are the types of principles we strive to leave your staff with after every session, helping them to build a stronger community.

Corporate Wellness

Apartments and other Residencies

Are you looking for a way to recruit and retain residents? Partner with us. RecChanges works with your community management budget to create a variety of engaging activities for your residents. Allow us to take this task off your hands, giving you time to attend to your many obligations.

Nonprofit & Community Organizations

This platform was built first for the community. We understand the important work you do every day for rewards you won’t see for years to come, and with budgets that are always challenging.

Our background in the nonprofit sector has equipped us to understand your needs. Training sessions and donations are always on the table for discussion. We also provide a range of services to help you conduct mandatory programs for all your grant requirements and activities to help lower employee turnover.